2010 Visit to Ashdon Hall Gardens

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On the beautiful sunny evening of 17th June a large number of Ashdon Gardening Club members assembled outside the gardens of the Hall. We were led into the arboretum by our hosts. This is a separate area from the house and the main gardens and a few of us were not aware that it belonged to the Hall. All of the ninety specimen trees could be identified by name plates and included many unusual varieties.

We were then led through yew circle and walk in the meadows surrounding the house and formal gardens. More tree planting had taken place there but the main focus was on a thousand year old oak tree which was still majestic in spite of showing its age. There are plans for further planting and development within the meadows.

The formal gardens are very securely fenced and walled against the native rabbit and deep population. We passed into this sanctum and found a broad sunken lawn which was separated from some of the areas by a huge pond straddled by a romantic looking bridge. There were paths and plant covered walkways leading to wonderful hidden areas containing their own gardens, several of which had particular themes. There is a potager, a fruit garden with espaliered apples and pears, fragrant and hot gardens amongst others. A number of the visitors that evening had particular interests that they wanted to follow up and walked off purposefully whilst others were content to wander. Because of the nature and size of the gardens it was possible at times to imagine that there were only a couple of you there.

We wish to thank our hosts, the owners of Ashdon Hall together with Michael and Lisa Swan who tend the gardens. We were left wondering how they managed to keep the gardens looking so immaculate and could only marvel at the hard work that had been put into them.






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