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February 2019 Meeting of the Ashdon Gardening Club

David Lewis talked about bees and bee-keeping

An enthusiastic and packed audience were entertained by David's fascination with bees and bee-keeping. He keeps 30 hives in the Ashdon area in three separate places and produces over 200lbs of honey in a year.

He brought along some hives to show how they work and explained how to keep the bees and what to do if there are problems. We were told about the different type of bees and how they service the hive, how to look after a queen, and what to do if the bees swarm.

David explained about the different flavours of honey and how he could tell the areas that the bees had visited. There was a very enthusiastic question and answer session to follow with hopes that he will be able to return at a later date so that the subject can be pursued and so that he can talk about more general gardening aspects as well.


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