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October 2017 Meeting of the Ashdon Gardening Club

Peter Jackson talked about Shrubs for all Seasons"

The meeting started at 7.45 p.m with questions and answers as usual.

Q: What can I do to encourage worms into my compost?

A: Make sure it is layered with brown and green material. If there are no worms it is probably too dry. It the compost is covered make sure it is wet underneath.

Q: What is the best way to keep begonias over winter?

A: Cut the top off after the first frost then keep in cold greenhouse. alternatively lift and wrap the tuber, checking first in case there is any sign of lime weevil which should be killed. Consider, however, whether the effort is worth it for the cost of purchasing new plug plants.

Peter Jackson has a dry sense of humour and kept his talk lively with quips on various plant related topics. He showed us slides of attractive plants to grow throughout the seasons. He accompanied these with letting us know the likely size, the best place to grow, and pruning tips which were very helpful.

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