Ashdon Gardening Club

Ashdon Gardening Club


Membership is open to all. the membership year will run from September.


1.       The Governing Body of the Club shall be a Committee to be constituted as follows: -
          a) Chairman b) Secretary c) Treasurer
          d) Six Committee Members one of whom shall be appointed Deputy Chairman.
2.       The committee may co-opt additional members.
3.       The President may attend Committee meetings if he/she  wishes.
4.       The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall not be allowed to serve more than three consecutive years on the Committee in the appointment they held on the Committee for those years.
5.       There will be Committee Meetings at approximately monthly intervals at dates to be agreed by the committee.  At these meetings the Club Programme will be discussed and agreed and any necessary actions taken by the appropriate member of the Committee.
6.       No decisions on financial matters can be made unless there are at least five members present at Committee meetings.
7.       The Committee shall:
          a) Appoint one of its Members to act as Deputy Chairman for the ensuing year;
          b) Organise Club meetings at approximately monthly intervals during the winter period;
             c) Arrange the Club Show and appoint a member of the Club to act as Show Secretary;
          d) Arrange for the production of the Club’s yearly
          e) Organise Club outings to gardens and/or shows in the summer period .


8.       Chairman
          It shall be the duty of the chairman or the deputy chairman to preside at all the meetings of the Club and the Committee and to perform other such duties as  may
pertain to this office.
9.       Secretary
          The Secretary shall:-
          a) Keep the records of membership of the Club in co-operation with the Treasurer;
          b) Issue all notices of meetings of the Club and Committee;
          c) Be responsible for the recording and preserving of the minutes of all meetings of the Committee and A.G.M.;
          d) Maintain contact with the R.H.S. regarding the Club’s Affiliation;
          e) Produce a News Sheet with the assistance of other Committee Members in order to keep the Club aware of the activities etc, being organised;
          f) Perform such other duties as may pertain to the office of Club Secretary.
10.     Treasurer
          The Treasurer shall:-
          a) Keep the records of membership of the Club in co-operation with the Secretary;
          b) Collect subscriptions;
          c) Issue new membership cards each year after collecting each member’s subscription.
          d) Pay any Affiliation Fees;
          e) Keep a set of accounts which shall be presented at the A.G.M. for approval by that meeting;
          f) Hand over the accounts to an appointed person who will examine them for approval prior to the A.G.M.;
          g) Make the Committee aware of the financial position of the Club at Committee meetings;
          h) Perform other duties as may pertain to the office.
11.     Committee Members
          The Committee Members shall:-
          a) Attend Committee Meetings and A.G.M.;
          b) Assist the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer in
          running the Club and its activities.


There will be an Annual General Meeting of the Club.       
          At this meeting:
          a) The Officers of the Club will present their reports for the preceding  year;
             b) The Treasurer shall present the examined accounts for the preceding year;
          c) The Officers of the Club will stand down;
          d) The Governing Body of the Club shall be elected by ballot. Nominations for the positions shall be proposed and seconded, either prior to or at the A.G.M;
          e) The meeting may also elect the President;
          f) The meeting will consider a motion from the Committee proposing  the  subscription rate and any other charges.


No resolution or motion to commit the Club to any course of action on any matter shall be discussed by the
Club until it has been considered by the Committee.
Changes to this constitution can only be made at the Annual General Meeting.






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