Ashdon Gardening Club 2019 Show Schedule

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The Show is now for members only.

Section 1-Vegetables (Chairman's Cup)

Classes 1-7 inclusive-each class to consist of one variety only

1. Potatoes - three

2. Onions - three, trimmed & tied

3. Beans - Runner, - seven, with stalks

4. Carrots - three, with 100mm tops max

5. Beetroot - three, with 100mm tops max

6. Truss of tomatoes - as grown

7. Any other vegetables - pair

Rose & Crown Trophy (contributes points to Chairman's Cup and Cyril Goodman Shield)

8. Heaviest marrow

George Watts Memorial Tankard (contributes points to Chairman's Cup and Cyril Goodman Shield)

9. Heaviest Onion

Section 2-Fruit & Flowers (Fieldfare's Cup)

Classes 13 and 14 - each class to be in a vase of 150 maximum diameter at neck

10. Apples - five dessert (with stalks)

11. Apples - five cooking (with stalks)

12. Plate of mixed fruit, min 3 kinds. Plate to be 240mm max

13. Vase of perennials, min 3 kinds

14. Vase of fresh cut grasses

Section 3 - Single Bloom (Janet Massey Rose Bowl)

15. Single bloom - any variety

Members only class (Silver Salver)

16. Begonia corm. Pot to be max 7inch/175mm pot

Section 4 - Floral Art (Cherry Tree Rose Bowl)

17. Vase of flowers with foliage, 400mm max width

Best in Show (Vesty Cup)

To be chosen by the Judge

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