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Winter Message and Gardening Tips from Ashdon Gardening Club

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AGC committee member, Janet Elsey writes:

For many of us getting out into our gardens in the depths of winter is a less than appealing prospect.  It’s too cold, too wet, too dark.  Yet there is still plenty to do and even pleasure to be gained from just pottering around for an hour or two on the odd bright day that may come our way.  It’s also an ideal time to visit wonderful winter gardens – The Cambridge Botanic Garden is virtually on our doorstep, while Anglesey Abbey is also within easy reach.  Both are a source of inspiration and, on one of those brilliant winter days when the low sunlight bathes bare stems and branches in a warming glow, can bring enchantment to the soul. 

Winter is also the time to reflect on our successes - and failures – of the previous year, to browse through favourite gardening books and make plans for the new seasons ahead. Are any structural changes needed?  New beds to be made?  Planting schemes to be devised?  It’s a creative time when we can give free rein to our imaginations and make notes and endless wish lists of what we’d like to achieve in the future.

Ashdon Gardening Club also helps to keep the spirit of gardening alive during the winter months with a varied programme of monthly talks and events.  And to get the year off to a good start, kicks off on January 21 with the annual social evening– a lively get together with food, wine and a light-hearted quiz.

For those with the energy and inclination to get out into the garden in December, here are just a few personal tips and recommendations from various members of the committee.  But remember, when it comes to gardening, nothing is compulsory.  Nature is relentless.  Things grow, come what may.   Pleasure and enjoyment are all that matters. 

An Aide Memoire for December.

(Reprinted from the Winter edition of the Ashdon Magazine)

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